Meatloaf - Archmage

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Meatloaf - Archmage

Post  Meatloaf on Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:58 am

Nick?: Meatloaf

Main class and usefull subclass, levels?:(Archmage) Soultaker, Elemental summoner, DoomCryer

Triggers from subclass (haste, barrier, focus etc)?: Emergent Defence, Spirit , Barrier (celestial) and Antimagic.

Equipment?:Elegia robe set +3 full attr, sacredium acumen +3 full attr, Elegia jewels +3.

Play time?: active player (more than 6 hours for day)

Real name?: Ryan (boy)

Country, timezone?: USA GMT -6

Age?: 18

How long have you played L2?:i played since c4, then i stopped and return whit L2toxic, the last year. now i am back in us world, l2gang.
Previous clans, servers, classes?:L2gang: (Ottomans, DelaZero) L2 toxic x50 hellbound

How do you know about us?: I Saw you on game, the best clan of the server.

Why do you want to join us?:Cause is the better clan in pvps, and nice team to kill raid boss.

Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience?: Yes, in all, who know me in the last server (example Notion) know my experience.

On what level can you speak english?: very good english

Are you able to follow orders?:Yes

Are you able to work in a team?:Yes

Do you have TeamSpeak3, microphone?: Yes
Do you think you can be active in the forum?: Yes i like Forums

Who can recommend you from our clan?: Zwoula, Notion, and all who want me in clan after read the applycation.

What you expect from clan?: cooperative game, and team.

Will you leave farm and go PvP if you are asked to?: Yes

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Re: Meatloaf - Archmage

Post  zwoula on Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:15 pm



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Re: Meatloaf - Archmage

Post  cloud on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:51 pm

+1 he's one of the best Archmages I've ever meet ,Other he's a good guy ,he has a perfect english... So what do we want Very Happy
btw at l2toxic we were enemies Twisted Evil , and then I join his clan >.<.
+1 meat <3

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Re: Meatloaf - Archmage

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