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Post  EASSY on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:53 pm

Nick: Cloyd
Main class and usefull subclass, levels: Main: Titan, Subclass: SR - 85, WL- 85
Triggers from subclass (haste, barrier, focus etc): Celestial, haste, ud
Equipment: Elegia +3 Hvy full att, lava saw +4 full att +agu might, recurve bow +3 +f. att, elegia jevels, olympiad jevels, all skils +15 (if its equipment ^^), infinity spear for mass pvp.
Play time: 3h a day
Real name: Mathew
Country, timezone: Poland, GMT: 01:00
Age: 19
How long have you played L2: from c4
Previous clans, servers, classes: In this server wos... In other server i was play necro, titan, duelist. EPI, Dementia, L2Rox, L2World, L2extreme, l2abyss
How do you know about us: I think you have the best players on this server.
Why do you want to join us: It's strong clan with future.
Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience: Yes, ofc...
On what level can you speak english: i dont know ... I can communicate with other, so i think i dont have problem with english/
Are you able to follow orders: Yes
Are you able to work in a team: Yes, love teamwork
Do you have TeamSpeak3, microphone?: ofc
Do you think you can be active in the forum: Yes
Who can recommend you from our clan: CHUNTER <3
What you expect from clan: hmm, the best teamwork, nice siege and a lot of fun Smile
Will you leave farm and go PvP if you are asked to: I live for pvp
i hope you will choose me


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Post  VESSNA on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:05 pm

pikachu i choose you

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