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Kiraa , looking for clan Empty Kiraa , looking for clan

Post  Kiraa on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:03 am

Nick?: Kiraa
Main class and usefull subclass, levels?: Main Wind Rider 85 Sub: Grand Kavatari 80 , Sword Muse 80 , Sagittarius 80 but I can easy raise class that clan need like healer or something , its not a prob.
Triggers from subclass (haste, barrier, focus etc)?: I have Celestral , masterskill p def and m def and 3 lvl p def emergent and 3 lvl m def emergent
Equipment?: Have Elegia Light/Heavy +3 some atributes , Top dagger Crit Dmg +3 , soon will be better ( i made my character 1 week ago )
Play time?: Can be anytime , cant say exactly time per day , sometimes i play all day , sometimes log for few hours
Real name?:Aleksandar
Country, timezone?: Bulgaria GMT +2
How long have you played L2?: Since c4
Previous clans, servers, classes?: Played BFD , Beyond L2Ex and many high rate servers , clan Tower (PL), Played all kind of classes but i like PW and Glad mostly.
How do you know about us?: I was looking for good clan and saw the shoutout
Why do you want to join us?: Coz as i see its active clan , skilled i hope and i can fit in it so clan can help me and i can help clan also
Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience?: Yes , have been to almost all epics
On what level can you speak english?: Advanced
Are you able to follow orders?: Yes
Are you able to work in a team?: Yes
Do you have TeamSpeak3, microphone?:I Have mic and i can instal teamspeak if needed
Do you think you can be active in the forum?: Yes if I have to Very Happy
Who can recommend you from our clan?: None
What you expect from clan?: To have fun chatting , team pvp , clan skills ,fame , KE
Will you leave farm and go PvP if you are asked to?: Sure


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Kiraa , looking for clan Empty Re: Kiraa , looking for clan

Post  anhel on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:47 pm

rejected. the experience is not so enough or u just didnt write enough.

Kiraa , looking for clan Anhel


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