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Small Group

Post  youcantstopme on Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:47 pm

Hey guys we are 5 friends started to play on l2Gang few days ago and we are looking for good clan.
I will make 1 apply for all of us i think you will understand everything.

Nick?:YouCantSt0pMe ,TakeMyStab ,TeRO , ImGiboncho , ImaBully

Main class and usefull subclass, levels?:
YouCantSt0pMe(Cardinal) TakeMyStab(Wind Rider) TeRO(Ghost Hunter) ImGiboncho(Soultaker) ImaBully(Wind Rider)
Some Dreadnoughts subs for farm

Triggers from subclass (haste, barrier, focus etc)?:
YouCantSt0pMe (UD,barrier ,spirit )
TakeMyStab (UD,evasion,barrier)
TeRO (Haste,barrier,Evasion)
ImAbully (Evasion ,Barrier, UD)
ImGiboncho ( UD,barrier,spirit)

All Full Elegia armors (Dynasty for dagger +6) Elegia Jew/Highest Freya Weapons
All have full attr on weps , armors

Play time?:
Monday - Friday 17:00 - 00:00
Weekends all day

Real name?:
YouCantSt0pMe -Ismail
TakeMyStab -Vladislav
TeRO -George
ImGiboncho - Dimitar
ImaBully - Vilius

Country, timezone?:
Bulgaria GMT +2 , US GMT +5

18 - 26

How long have you played L2?:
From 2-3 years with a some months pause

Previous clans, servers, classes?:
Servers - Asterios x5,x3,x2000 Dex,Arion,Luna,Dubai,RPG x5 ( many others that i cant remember right now)
All classes
Clans -RunAway,HellKnights,TerrorSquad,Playboys,MagicR (On some pvp servers we make our own clan)

How do you know about us?:
We saw how you play on this server

Why do you want to join us?:
PVPs,epics,sieges,others clan events

Have you participated in any epic raids during your L2 experience?:
Yes in all epics on many servers low and high rate

On what level can you speak english?:
I think we won't have any problems to communicate

Are you able to follow orders?:

Are you able to work in a team?:

Do you have TeamSpeak3, microphone?:
Yes we use it all the time

Do you think you can be active in the forum?:

Who can recommend you from our clan?:
No one we are from few days on server still dont know many ppl (and many ppl dont know us )

What you expect from clan?:

Will you leave farm and go PvP if you are asked to?:


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Re: Small Group

Post  VESSNA on Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:48 pm

+1 and bigger one couse you want join as a team

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Re: Small Group

Post  StarsScreamer on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:27 am

VESSNA wrote:+1 and bigger one couse you want join as a team


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Re: Small Group

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